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Hi Rangers, 


Due to being in the midst of a global COVID 19 pandemic our season is running a little shorter with upto 14 rounds this season depending on the amount of teams in each div/age group. You should of received an email regarding this but I will post a link at the bottom of this message for you all. 


Firstly, with our amalgamation with Mt Druitt Town Rangers FC which will be happening this year we have some new exciting opportunities coming this season. With that we have new uniforms packages. 


Uniform package is $70 includes Jersey, socks and shorts. 

The everything package is $125 includes Jersey, shorts, socks, training shirt and bag. 


We aim to be more uniformed and more structured this season and in the future. We have had a lot of requests for child/adults to buy their own jerseys and now we can actually make it happen. All packages are available to purchase from the start of the season and will be given out at completion of full payment. 


Secondly, ALL online payments/ registrations MUST have a receipt printed and or snap shotted and sent to us via email, your registration will NOT be approved until you have sent in proof of registration and or payment. 

Registrations MUST have the active kids attached (if wanting to use the voucher for the season) or the registration will not be approved. If you are having trouble registering please come and see us or contact us, if you’re having trouble with your active kids you will need to contact Service NSW as we are unable to help with those issues. 


Payment Plans: payment plans will start from January and will end in February/March. If you need a payment plan you will to come and see us as soon as possible as the uniforms will need to be paid off before start of season. We understand it’s an extra cost but we feel the club as a whole will have a better aesthetic and that will reflect back on the club as a whole. Please remember no registrations will be approved until registration is paid in full unless you have requested a payment plan and keep up to date with payments. 


Any issues please contact us as soon as possible. 


We will have training clinics with some high ranking coaches from Mt Druitt Town Rangers FC throughout the season. Over the coming years we aim to have two teams in each division in each age group, which is going to be a massive growth for our club within the next few years which means we have room for movement for our existing players to move up into different divisions if they choose. 

Like I said any issues please let us know, sooner the better. You can access our contact details via our website or via messenger Facebook. 

Just some FYI (for your information) 

Teams: Teams will be allocated via previous years and age. If you want to move your child or have issues speak to Dave. We will only move children up one age group. If there are extreme special circumstances we will move them up two divisions but that is on a case by case bases. 


We would like to remind you all of sportsman like behaviour which we all hold ourselves with in high regard. We have a really great club with amazing parents and kids so I know we never really have an issue with bad behaviour but we need to remind everyone anyway. 


We are progressing with our renovations looks like it will commence sometime next year in 2020. So please be patient with us if it commences mid season. 

Registrations open in 2020 please go to


We will see you all soon, 

Amie Martin 


Town Rangers FC 

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Players NEEDED in the following age groups:




Exciting news, channel 9 are coming out to our fields in the next few weeks  (Date TBA) from 5 am to 8:50 am. We need as many junior players and parents we can get from 5 am to be on TV. The mayor is willing to give out late notes to schools if needed, you will be joined by Western Sydney Wanderers top players and Today's Sporting person Tim Glibert and we will put on a FULL BBQ Breakie. This is a fantastic opportunity for Town Rangers FC. We were selected because we are a great local club and the Mayor with the help of Brad would like to show the rest of Australia that Mt Druitt has amazing people in the area and highlight more positive aspects of the area. We need most of our registered Junior teams there. Coaches and Managers please let your team know. We will also need committee members to help :) Lets show Australia what Town Rangers FC has got to offer. please let us know if you can make it we need as many players as possible.

Town Rangers on Channel 9 

31st of March 2018

5 am to 8:50 am


We will be joined by Mayor of Blacktown and Local sporting Councilor Brad Bunting.

Players from the Western Sydney Wanderers.

And a BIG BREAKIE breakfast. 

Town Rangers FC is where you need to be

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